SNAP & SHOP TRAY | Product Review

Hey Y’all!

So I was surfing Facebook the other day and stumbled across these Snap & Shop Trays that you snap on the shopping cart to hold snacks for your kids. I don’t know about you guys but my son is horrible when it comes to snacks in the store. He makes a HUGE mess and I feel like that hot mess mom who leaves tons of messes for the Target employees. Sorry Target! Please don’t end our amazing relationship. image1-6

When I saw them I immediately thought they were awesome. Checked them out and the price was super reasonable so I ordered 2.  They were $14.99 and shipped free. I ordered them and received them in about a week by USPS. You can find them HERE. They came in a few different color options so I ordered a pink one for my 6 year old and a aqua colored one for my 2 year old.


I really loved how durable and easy to use these trays are. You can throw them in your purse or diaper bag which is always a must in my house.


We tested the aqua one out at Target and it worked so well. Easy to use and really didn’t get flimsy or feel like it was going to fall off the cart at all. I was also able to easily re-attach the lid if my son wasn’t using it.

Overall, I really love these trays and will be using them A LOT. For $15, you can’t beat them. These get our mommy seal of approval.

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